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PRO/AH/EDR> E. coli EHEC - Japan (02): (ST) O157, potato salad

ProMED Mail Reports - 1 hour 44 min ago
E. coli -- Japan
According to the Mainichi Shimbun News ( [in Japanese]), _Escherichia coli_ O157 was detected from a total of 10 cases. 6 consumed potato salad that was provided by a supermarket called the Delicious Kagohara. 3 consumed potato salad sold by the Delicious Kumagaya, a supermarket affiliated with Delicious Kagohara. Another case was reported from Maebashi city who consumed potato salad sold by another affiliated supermarket in Maebashi. The potato salad was produced by a food producer located in

PRO/AH/EDR> Foodborne illness - USA (03): sprouts, FDA report

ProMED Mail Reports - 3 hours 26 min ago
Foodborne Illness -- United States
"The FDA set out to collect and test sprouts in 2014 as part of a new proactive and preventive approach to deploying its sampling resources with the ultimate goal of keeping contaminated food from reaching consumers.
"The new approach, detailed in the Background section of this report (page 4 [available at the URL above]), centers on the testing of a statistically determined number of samples of targeted foods over a relatively short period of time, 12 to 18 months, to ensure a

PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis - USA (09): live poultry, multiple serotypes

ProMED Mail Reports - 3 hours 55 min ago
Salmonella -- United States
Since the last update on 13 Jul 2017, 172 more ill people have been reported. The most recent illness began on 31 Jul 2017.
CDC and multiple states are investigating 10 separate multistate outbreaks of salmonella infections in people who had contact with live poultry in backyard flocks. These outbreaks are caused by several DNA fingerprints of different salmonella bacteria: _S._ Braenderup, _S._ Enteritidis, _S._ Hadar, _S._ I 4,[5],12:i-, _S._ Indiana, _S._ Infantis, _S._ Litchfield, _S._

PRO/AH/EDR> E. coli EHEC - Japan: (ST) O157, potato salad, RFI

ProMED Mail Reports - 4 hours 8 min ago
E. coli -- Japan
A 5 year old girl is in a critical condition and 2 others are severely ill after eating a supermarket potato salad product infected with _Escherichia coli_ O157, Saitama Prefecture said [on Mon 21 Aug 2017]. The victims all ate potato salad sold at the Shokusaikan Marche Kagohara supermarket in the city of Kumagaya, Saitama prefecture, the prefecture said. In addition to the girl, who remains unconscious, a 4 year old boy and a 60 year old woman have been hospitalized. All 3 are not

PRO/AH> Undiagnosed cough, canine - USA: (MT)

ProMED Mail Reports - 4 hours 11 min ago
Undiagnosed -- United States
As an outbreak of severe, sometimes fatal, upper respiratory infections in dogs continues in Bozeman, Montana, veterinarians elsewhere in the state and beyond say they, too, are seeing serious cases of canine cough. Reports from practitioners in Georgia, Missouri, Wyoming, and Billings, Montana, posted on a message board of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), suggest the problem is not confined to Bozeman -- although whether the multistate outbreaks are related is undetermined.

PRO/EDR> Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update (87): Asia (Yemen)

ProMED Mail Reports - 4 hours 17 min ago
Cholera -- Yemen
WHO has announced another 22 deaths within the last 5 days caused by cholera in Yemen. The reported numbers affirm a total of 1997 deaths starting from the end of April 2017. As of Saturday evening [19 Aug 2017], the number of cholera cases stands at 527 000.
The WHO report also noted that Yemen's Sanaa and Al Hudaydah governorate, located in the west of the country, have the highest rates of cholera spread compared with other governorates. The combined number of infected individuals in the

PRO/EDR> Malaria - South Sudan

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 17:04
Malaria -- South Sudan
An outbreak of malaria in South Sudan has killed over 4000 people since February [2017], a senior health official disclosed last week [week of Sun 13 Aug 2017]. "This year's malaria is the most severe the country has ever seen," Dr Isaac Mapeer, the deputy head of the Malaria Control Program at South Sudan's Ministry of Health, told Anadolu Agency on [Thu 17 Aug 2017]. A total of over 900 000 malaria cases had so far been registered, according to Mapeer. "Up to 4073 deaths were recorded since

PRO/EDR> Legionellosis - Spain: (VC)

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 17:00
Legionnaires' -- Spain
The Directorate General of Public Health of the Ministry of Universal Healthcare and Public Health reports that it has been notified of a new case of legionnaires' [disease], the 7th related to the outbreak in the downtown area of Calicanto de Chiva, which has claimed the life of one victim, as revealed by Levante-EMV and confirmed later by the ministry. As has been reported by the regional administration, this case is a 59 year old woman who displayed symptoms in July [2017] and was admitted

PRO/AH/EDR> Crimean-Congo hem. fever - Pakistan (10): (PB) advice issued

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 16:52
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever -- Pakistan
A patient undergoing treatment at one of the 3 teaching hospitals in town, Holy Family Hospital, tested positive for Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) on [Sat 19 Aug 2017]. The patient was taken to the Holy Family Hospital on [Mon 14 Aug 2017] from Tehsil Hazro of District Attock, some 80 kilometres [49.70 mi] from Rawalpindi.
The confirmation of the patient has strengthened doubts that the population in the region may face a possible spike of CCHF ahead of Eidul Azha [Islamic

PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis, st Kiambu - USA (05): papaya, more serotypes

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 13:06
Salmonella -- United States
Since the last update on 11 Aug 2017, 34 more ill people were added to this investigation from 11 states.
As of [16 Aug 2017], 173 people infected with the outbreak strains of _Salmonella_ Kiambu (51), _S._ Thompson (111), _S._ Agona (7), or _S._ Gaminara (4) have been reported from 21 states. A list of the states and the number of cases in each is shown:
States / Case count
Connecticut / 6
Delaware / 4
Iowa / 2
Illinois / 3
Kentucky / 4
Louisiana / 1
Maryland / 8
Massachusetts /

PRO/AH/EDR> Hepatitis E - UK (03): gt 3, European sausage

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 13:02
Hepatitis E -- United Kingdom
"Since 2010, human hepatitis E infections have increased in England and Wales. Most cases are locally acquired and caused by hepatitis E virus genotype 3 (HEV G3). HEV G3 is linked to the consumption of pork products. The increase is associated with the emergence of a new phylotype, HEV G3-group 2 (G3-2, also known as G3abcdhij). 60 individuals with confirmed hepatitis E infection and no history of travel outside the UK were recruited: 19 were infected with HEV G3-group 1

PRO/AH> African swine fever - Europe (20): update, international impact

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 12:57
African Swine Fever -- Worldwide/Unknown
The continued advance of African swine fever (ASF) through eastern European countries has triggered concern amongst pig farmers and governing bodies. DEFRA [UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs] has upgraded the threat to the UK from 'very low' to 'low' -- meaning the risk is "rare but could occur" (EFSA [European Food Safety Authority] terminology). This severe disease of pigs entered Europe through Georgia in 2007, and has since continued to the Russian Federation and

PRO/PL> Crown & root rot, apple - USA: (eastern)

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 12:53
Other Plant Disease -- United States
This [2017] season has been tricky for eastern apple growers. Growers contacted Dan Cooley, University of Massachusetts, with new trees dying back. The trees were either completely dead with brown leaves, some were wilting, some had yellow leaves. In a very wet part, the incidents were concentrated. The trees were dug up to be examined further. "It looks like _Phytophthora_ crown and root rot," [Cooley] said. Soils saturated for more than 24 hours are breeding grounds for

PRO/EDR> Measles update (42): Europe, Middle East, Africa, Pacific

ProMED Mail Reports - Mon, 08/21/2017 - 12:52
Measles -- Romania
A total of 8493 confirmed measles cases had been reported by [Fri 11 Aug 2017], since the outbreak of the disease in 2016, informs a release on the website of the National Center for the Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases of the National Public Health Institute. Among these cases there were 32 deaths, as follows: 8 in Timis County, 6 in Arad, 7 in Dolj, 3 in Caras-Severin, and one in each Bihor, Cluj, Calarasi, Satu Mare, Vaslui, Galati, Mures, and Bucharest. Measles outbreaks

PRO/AH/EDR> Japanese encephalitis & other - India (16): (OR)

ProMED Mail Reports - Sun, 08/20/2017 - 22:35
Japanese Encephalitis -- India
Monsoon fevers are de rigueur in Odisha. While swine flu and dengue are spreading in the urban areas, the tribal hinterland has been beset with outbreaks of encephalitis since 2012. Though no Japanese encephalitis (JE) mortalities have been registered as yet in the official records, 473 acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) cases have been diagnosed so far. Odisha stands 5th in AES mortality after Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal and Bihar.
According to the National Vector Borne Disease

PRO/AH/EDR> Equine infectious anemia - USA (04): (KS)

ProMED Mail Reports - Sun, 08/20/2017 - 20:31
Equine Infectious Anemia -- United States
A horse property in southwest Kansas is under quarantine following confirmation of 6 cases of equine infectious anemia in horses. The infected horses on the property in Finney County will be euthanized because there is no cure and there is a risk the animals may infect other horses.
The Kansas Department of Agriculture's Division of Animal Health was told this month [August 2017] of the initial positive test for the disease, also known as Swamp fever. The horse facility was quarantined and

PRO/EDR> Mumps update (24): Australia (QL), New Zealand (OT), Brazil (AM)

ProMED Mail Reports - Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:44
Mumps -- Australia
Far North Queenslanders have been urged to vaccinate their children following a spike in mumps cases in Cairns. There have been 14 cases of the highly infectious disease identified by Queensland Health since [24 Jul 2017], compared to the yearly average of only one case in the Cairns and Hinterland health district.
Tropical Public Health director Dr Steven Donohue said the mumps outbreak had spilled over to Cairns from northwest Queensland and the Northern Territory's Top End.

PRO/AH/EDR> Toxic algae - Canada: (AB) blue green algae, alert

ProMED Mail Reports - Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:39
Algae -- Canada
A cyanobacteria [blue-green algae] bloom has been detected in the Edmonton-area Chip Lake, according to a Alberta Health Services advisory issued [Thu 17 Aug 2017].
Chip Lake is among 5 Edmonton-area lakes currently under a blue-green algae advisory.
Naturally occurring blue-green algae appears like scum, grass clippings, fuzz or globs on the surface of water, AHS said. It can appear green, blue, brown or even shades of pink and often has a musty smell.
People who come in contact with

PRO/EDR> Chlorine gas - India: (UT) waterworks, RFI

ProMED Mail Reports - Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:35
Poisoning -- India
In the early hours of [Fri 18 Aug 2017], 17 people, including 5 children, were taken ill after chlorine gas leakage from a cylinder at a waterworks unit of Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan in Dehradun.
Police rushed to the spot immediately and threw the leaking cylinder into the water to neutralise it, SP (City) Pradeep Kumar Rai, told PTI.
People living in the waterworks area including children, mostly sleeping at that hour, were rushed to different hospitals in the city after they complained
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