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PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis, st I 4,[5],12:b:- - USA: kratom

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 21:27
Salmonella -- United States
CDC, public health and regulatory officials in several states, and the FDA are investigating a multistate outbreak of _Salmonella [enterica_ serotype] I 4,[5],12:b:- infections.
Public health investigators are using the PulseNet system to identify illnesses that may be part of this outbreak. PulseNet is the national subtyping network of public health and food regulatory agency laboratories coordinated by CDC. DNA fingerprinting is performed on _Salmonella_ bacteria isolated from ill people

PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (34): Sweden (BL) HPAI H5N6, new strain, OIE

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 21:07
Avian Influenza H5N6 -- Sweden
Information received on [and dated] 20 Feb 2018 from Dr Ingrid Eilertz, Chief Veterinary Officer Director and Head, Swedish Board of Agriculture Department for Animal Welfare and Health, Ministry for Rural Affairs, Jonkoping, Sweden
Report type: immediate notification (final report)
Date of start of the event: 28 Jan 2018
Date of confirmation of the event: 19 Feb 2018
Reason for notification: new strain of a listed disease in the country
Causal agent: Highly pathogenic avian

PRO/EDR> Norovirus - South Korea (04): (KW) Winter Olympics

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 20:38
Norovirus -- South Korea
The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said that a total of 283 cases have been confirmed as of Sun [18 Feb 2018], as 8 additional people were found to have been affected by the virus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea.
Five of the 8 cases were reported in Pyeongchang, while 3 other patients were reported in Gangneung.
The KCDC said that, currently, 49 patients are quarantined for treatment, while 234 others have recovered.
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PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (33): South Africa, HPAI H5N8, penguin; Iraq, HPAI H5N8, poultry

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 20:34
Avian Influenza H5N8 -- South Africa
South Africa's agriculture ministry today [19 Feb 2018] reported highly pathogenic H5N8 avian flu outbreaks involving Western Cape province sea birds, including African penguins that will be treated for their illnesses because of their endangered status.
In a statement, officials said 7 birds from 6 sites on the province's coastline have tested positive for the virus. One of the birds has survived, and the treatment protocol involves nutrition, hydration, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory

PRO/AH/EDR> Pentobarbital, dog food - USA: recall

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 20:11
Poisoning -- United States
A drug used to euthanize animals has been found in canned dog food, prompting a recall.
Low levels of the drug pentobarbital were detected in cans of Gravy Train dog food produced by the J.M. Smucker Company, the FDA said in a statement Friday [16 Feb 2018].
Pentobarbital is most commonly used as a sedative, anesthetic or to euthanize animals, it said.
"Pets that eat pet food containing pentobarbital can experience drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance, nausea, nystagmus

PRO/AH/EDR> Piscine reovirus - North America: USA, Canada, salmon

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 19:09
Other Animal Disease -- Worldwide/Unknown
A sample of Atlantic salmon that escaped after a fish farm's net pen collapsed last summer [2017] tested positive for a contagious and harmful virus, according to findings released by the Wild Fish Conservancy on Thursday [15 Feb 2018].
An independent lab at the University of Prince Edward Island found all 19 salmon donated from different sources were infected with Piscine orthoreovirus (PRV), a virus it says can cause heart and skeletal muscle inflammation and affects a salmon's ability to

PRO/AH/EDR> Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 18:43
Other Human Disease -- Worldwide/Unknown
1. Allen JH, de Moore GM, Heddle R, Twartz JC. Cannabinoid hyperemesis: cyclical hyperemesis in association with chronic cannabis abuse. Gut. 2004; 53(11): 1566-70; available at
2. Habboushe J, Rubin A, Liu H, Hoffman RS. The prevalence of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome among regular marijuana smokers in an urban public hospital. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2018; doi: 10.1111/bcpt.12962]
[2] Background [excerpts]
Date: Tue 20 Feb 2013
Source: Current Drug Abuse Reviews

PRO/AH/EDR> E. coli EHEC - Canada: cheese, 2013, 60 day rule

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 13:20
E. coli -- Canada
Currie A, Galanis E, Chacon PA, et al: Outbreak of _Escherichia coli_ O157:H7 infections linked to aged raw milk gouda cheese, Canada, 2013. J Food Protect 2018; 81(2): 325-31
Between 12 Jul and 29 Sep 2013, 29 individuals in 5 Canadian provinces became ill following infection with the same strain of _Escherichia coli_ O157:H7 as defined by molecular typing results. 5 case patients were hospitalized, and 1 died. 26 case patients (90 percent) reported eating Gouda cheese

PRO/EDR> Mumps update: USA

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 12:30
Mumps -- United States
According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there are 215 confirmed cases and 33 probable cases [of mumps in Anchorage].
An epidemiologist for the state of Alaska says since 2012, it's seen a 98.7 percent increase in cases. "We are definitely concerned." Dr Amanda Tiffany said [Wed 14 Feb 2018]. "In the 5 years prior to 2017 when our outbreak began, Alaska saw 3 mumps cases, so the fact that we are now reporting 248 cases is concerning."
Most of those cases during those

PRO/PL> Stem rust, wheat - UK: Digalu strain, 1st rep

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 20:39
Other Plant Disease -- United Kingdom
Farmers and scientists must prepare for the potential re-emergence of a crop pathogen, following the discovery of a single wheat plant infected with stem rust - the first confirmed case in the UK in over 60 years. Dr Diane Saunders and Dr Brande Wulff, John Innes Centre, led a global team [that] showed that the UK strain belongs to the Digalu race, which was responsible for a devastating outbreak of stem rust in Ethiopia in 2013, and smaller outbreaks in Sweden, Denmark and Germany [see

PRO/AH/EDR> Lumpy skin disease - Europe: Balkans 2017, vaccination, control

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 20:23
Lumpy Skin Disease -- Greece
Outbreaks of lumpy skin disease (LSD) in the Balkan region fell dramatically by 95 percent from 7483 in 2016 to 385 in 2017. The figures confirm that vaccination of cattle -- recommended by EFSA in 2016 -- is the most effective way to contain the disease.
A report published today [19 Feb 2018] by EFSA gives an update on the occurrence of LSD and the effectiveness of vaccination. It also analyses the risk factors for its spread in southeastern Europe. The report is based on data collected by

PRO/EDR> Hepatitis - India: (JK)

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 16:11
Hepatitis -- India
Residents of Haripora, Kangan in Ganderbal district [Jammu and Kashmir] today [18 Feb 2018] complained of an "outbreak of jaundice" in the area, claiming "several people including children have contracted the water borne disease." As per locals scores of people including children of the area have fallen sick showing symptoms [of jaundice].
"We are living in a constant fear of an epidemic outbreak as many people in our area are suffering of jaundice due to the consumption of contaminated

PRO/AH/EDR> Influenza D, equine - USA

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 21:05
Equine Influenza -- United States
Researchers at South Dakota State University (SDSU) found antibodies against influenza D in blood samples from horses in the Midwest collected in 2015 and 2016. Cattle are the primary reservoir for influenza D, which was 1st isolated from a diseased pig in 2011.
Horses can become infected with influenza D. South Dakota State University researchers found antibodies against 2 strains of influenza D in blood samples from horses in the Midwest.
"It's nothing we need to worry about at this

PRO/AH/EDR> Hantavirus - Americas (12): Chile (AR, AI) Argentina (BA) Panama (LS)

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 20:44
Hantavirus -- Chile
A 44-year-old man died of a hantavirus infection, despite a negative rapid test done in the Hernán Henríquez Aravena Hospital.
The deceased person had his residence in Tumaco but worked in the Aysen region. According to the confirmation by the Regional Health Ministerial Secretariat [SEREMI], he presented the 1st symptoms on 9 Feb [2018] but went to a health assistance center 2 days later. Later, he was admitted to the regional hospital in Tumaco where the hantavirus rapid detection test

PRO/AH/EDR> Undiagnosed deaths, bovine - India: (OR) RFI

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 17:56
Undiagnosed -- India
After crows and ducks, the deaths of cows have sparked panic among residents of Paradip town.
As per reports, while 4 cows died mysteriously in different slums of Paradip town, nearly 10 to 12 have been affected by an unidentified disease in the last one week. Consumption of milk has also gone down in the slum areas due to the outbreak of the mysterious disease, sources said.
Locals alleged that release of toxic effluent in water bodies and feeding on chemical waste are the main causes

PRO/AH/EDR> Listeriosis - South Africa (06): fatal, more cases

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 14:32
Listeriosis -- South Africa
The country's listeriosis outbreak shows no sign of slowing down. In the last week alone, 57 people died from the food-borne disease, bringing the death toll to over 160. The source of the outbreak remains unknown.
The manner in which food is prepared in businesses and in homes has been under the spotlight since the outbreak of the disease in December 2017. Fruit and vegetables must be washed well and meat cooked thoroughly.
But awareness of the outbreak remains low. "Somebody preparing

PRO/EDR> Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update (07): Asia (Yemen) WHO

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:52
Cholera -- Yemen
Cumulative figures
- The cumulative total from 27 Apr 2017 to 28 Jan 2018 is 1 051 789 suspected cholera cases and 2252 associated deaths, (CFR 0.21%); 1102 have been confirmed by culture.
- 59.3% of deaths were severe cases at admission.
- The total proportion of severe cases among the suspected cases is 16.2%. The national attack rate is 379.75 per 10 000. The 5 governorates with the highest cumulative attack rates per 10 000 remain Amran (889), Al Mahwit (848),

PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis, st Typhimurium - USA: (IA, MN) chicken salad, alert, recall

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:49
Salmonella -- United States
Health officials have identified almost 100 sick people in Iowa and at least one in Minnesota in a multi-state _Salmonella_ outbreak investigation linked to chicken salad sold at Fareway stores.
The company that supplied the deli chicken salad to Fareway Stores Inc. has not been revealed by the regional grocery chain, state officials or federal officials. As of tonight, 16 Feb 2018, the grocer, which has about 120 retail stores, did not have any information about the situation on its

PRO/EDR> Measles update (12): Africa, Europe, North America, Pacific

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:48
Measles -- Niger
[4] Brampton, Canada
[5] Philippines
[1] Niger
Date: Tue 13 Feb 2018
Source: The Nation [edited]

The Niger state Commissioner of Health, Dr. Mustapha Jibril, has disclosed that the state has recorded 33 cases of measles and one case of yellow fever in the state this year [2018].
According to him, the case of yellow fever was reported in Borgu local government area, adding that reactive vaccination campaigns have started in the local government and