Yemen FETP Updates (January-February 2017)

Y-FETP organized a mentor workshop on January 2017 for mentors and directors of the 10 programs where the 3rd cohort residents will be placed during their third rotation (Jan-March 2017). The concept of mentoring was introduced and the role that could be played by residents in strengthening these programs and improving quality of surveillance data through developing an automated database were highlighted.

Y-FETP honored the mentors and programs directors and Certificates of Appreciation were distributed for their hosting to the 3rd cohort residents during their 2nd rotation (June-December 2016) and supporting them to finalize their 1st and 2nd deliverables i.e. Descriptive Analysis of Public Health Surveillance Data and Evaluation of a Public Health Surveillance System.

Y-FETP hosted the 3rd Cholera Technical Group Meeting where the key ministry staff and representatives from UNICEF and WHO participated. Y-FETP epidemiologist presented the cholera epidemiological situation as 31st of December 2016 and actions needed to closely monitor the situation and containment of the outbreak were discussed.

Y-FETP director and the Technical Advisor participated as facilitators for the Workshop on Strategic Communications for the PHC and EPI that was supported by the by GHD/EMPHNET, January 1–5, 2017.

Y-FETP conducted eight Dissemination Workshops to present the findings from 3rd Cohort 2nd Deliverable: Evaluation of a Public Health Surveillance System.

Y-FETP participated in the GHD/EMPHNET Public Health Empowerment Program/Basic Field Epidemiology (PHEP/BFE) Meeting, Amman, 21-23 February 2017. During the meeting the PHEP/BFE program outlines/curriculum was presented and the best practices strategies for planning and implementation were discussed.