March 2013

Director's Message

Dear Colleagues:Dr. Dionisio Herrera, TEPHINET Director
TEPHINET continues to develop and expand as new programs request incorporation into the network. The latest request comes from Turkey and additional requests are expected in the near future. TEPHINET is also actively working to finalize documents required to obtain accreditation and I am pleased to report that communication through our network website has reached 3290 members. The TEPHINET Secretariat manages more than 40 projects through various cooperative agreements while searching to identify additional opportunities with other organizations.
TEPHINET also demonstrates its commitment to recognize the efforts of its member programs through its annual CDC co-sponsored event, EIS International Night. During International Night, program trainees and graduates are given a platform to showcase their work and the program’s level of quality training. For EIS International Night 2013, we received 227 abstracts from 42 countries.  This year the selection process was extremely challenging because of the number of high quality abstracts. Five oral presentations and 15 poster presentations were selected based on the highest quality and overall program representation.
At regional and national levels, our programs are involved in a significant number of workshops and field activities which is proof that we ALL are working to make the paradigms of “learning by doing” and “contributing to the development and strengthening of our healthcare services” a reality.
We are, beyond a doubt, a high-spirited and vibrant organization and with everyone’s participation, we will be in an optimum position moving forward; further strengthening our past accomplishments and identifying new opportunities that will help our network advance.
I hope that the content of this newsletter and our website constitutes further evidence of our efforts.
Best regards,

Dionisio Herrera, MD, PhD

TEPHINET Director 

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