We design the TEPHINET Web site for intuitive use.  We realize that the site provides members with many abilities and options.  We hope you find the site easy to use. We would like your input and feedback about how to improve the site.  Please forward your feedback to us at

For specific information about managing content, see the specific help topic pages, such as How to Create a Page, How to Edit a Page, or Add Attachments, Links, and Pictures.

Can I monitor information for updates?

Yes, the general public can subscribe to RSS feeds around the TEPHINET website.  If you see the RSS icon or a feed advertised, you are welcome to subscribe to that feed.  TEPHINET site members have more options for monitoring (see below).


Members Only features

Here is the introduction to TEPHINET Member Services presentation.  It has a good introduction to the features available to you.

My Workspace

Your workspace is a page that shows all of your materials you have added to the main Web site.  Your workspace shows you all of the attached files you have contributed as well as comments you have made.  As you can see below, from your workspace, you also get a list of available content types you can add.

Workspace screenshot

My Account: Subscriptions

TEPHINET site members have the option of subscribing to a variety of content on the site, such as the Case Study library or the Jobs listings.  Subscribers receive emails when new content arrives.  To see and manage your subscriptions, login to the Web site and then click on the My Account in the menu on the right side.  After you reach your account page, you can see and edit your subscriptions by clicking on the Notifications option.  Within your account is also where you manage your profile information.

Subscriptions screenshot

Website Feedback: Questions and Suggestions

If you have suggestions or questions regarding this Website, please use this form to contact us.  Thank you!