Guide to Online Services

Make the most of your site membership by joining at the level that is right for you:

  • Anyone requesting an account will automatically receive the 'Authenticated' role.  This gives you access to basic content and some interactive capabilities.  
  • Once another member of the community verifies that you are a real person within our network, your account will be upgraded to 'Verified' status, which grants access to the directory and additional capabilities.
  • Individuals who teach within epidemiology or other public health training programs can request 'Instructor' status, which allows them access to instructor-only materials and ability to create and teach online classes using our Eluminate tool via LearnItLive.  
  • Finally, people who direct or administer field epidemiology training (FETP) or other public health training programs, can request special heightened status as "Program Staff" role, which grants access to many additional features including the ability to manage their members and to grant instructor and verified roles.

To register as a new member, follow these steps:

1. Visit (You're here!) and request an account.  

2. The system will send you an email to verify your email address.  Follow the link in the email to login. 

3. Set your password and save it.  That’s it! You can begin to use our services! 

To become verified, your program director or one of us in the TEPHINET Secretariat needs to verify that you are who you say you are. Then, you can use our full services.

Online Services Front Page

You might also be interested to see the capabilities in our library.  Have a look at the guide page for online Library services for more information.