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The TEPHINET logo depicts a water pump silhouetted against a globe. The globe represents our network of field epidemiology training programs. The water pump is a direct reference to a key moment in public health history: In 1854, John Snow, considered one of the fathers of modern epidemiology, traced the source of a cholera outbreak in London to a public water pump. Snow’s findings led to changes in London’s water and waste systems, leading to similar changes and subsequent improvements in public health around the world. Visit this link to learn more about Snow’s discovery.


Please refer to the TEPHINET Brand Standards Manual and Co-branding Guide for Partners (for the Spanish version, click here). To request the logo files, please contact Tina Rezvani, Communications Manager, at



2017 Annual Progress Report of the TEPHINET Secretariat (April 2018) | Download PDF

TEPHINET 2017-2020 Strategic Plan Overview (August 2017) | Download PDF

TEPHINET 20th Anniversary Report (July 2017) | Download PDF

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2015 TEPHINET Progress Report | Download PDF

2012 TEPHINET 15th Anniversary Report | Download PDF

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